• Top Computer Repair Services Can Reduce Your Digital Downtime

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    Businesses rely on computers, software, and their peripherals for bookkeeping, orders, and tracking. When a system goes down it can practically paralyze the workplace. While some large companies have full-time IT personnel, many localComputer Services businesses need to have someone to call for their computer repair services.

    Developing a relationship with a local company prior to needing their expertise can reduce your digital downtime. You might even ask for their assistance when initially setting up the system. Printers, scanners, and intranet services (a private network within the business), can be optimized to deliver the best performance by a professional.

    Reduce the Need for Computer Repair Services

    We recommend creating a backup system to save work and changes made throughout the day. This should be saved to a hard drive or a cloud account. In the event your computer is non-repairable, you will still be able to have access to all of your records.

    An anti-virus should be installed on all computers in the workplace, especially those that are connected to the internet.

    Only install software from trusted sources.

    Computer problems range from keyboard/mouse issues, to video cards, software issues, and crashes. A computer repair specialist can identify the problem and provide you with options including whether it your system should be replaced or repaired.

    Companies providing computer repair services have the specialty tools necessary to complete the job. Dust-free cloths, minuscule tool driver sets, and knowledge are required for performing the service. They are typically able to order and obtain the correct part quickly, and may have cords or other parts on hand to reduce your downtime and have you up and running the same day.

    It can be dicey to use services via the phone, or those that take over control of the computer, especially if you don't have an employee with a solid IT background. We strongly urge local businesses to hang up if they are contacted by companies claiming they have identified a problem with your computer and offering to help. Most of these are scams trying to either access sensitive information from your company, or get access to your credit card.

    Whether you are suffering from hardware or software related issues, our community has top computer repair services available to get you up and running. You can contact the Chamber to learn more about local providers in our community who have the ability to repair your computer and who feature positive reviews. Two Chamber members the Chamber recommends are My Computer Guy and Nerds to Go Computer Service. Both have excellent reputations and provide quick, reliable, cost effective solutions. Additionally, when you have a need for printer specific services be sure to reach out to Elite Print Management.

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