• Leap of Kindness Day February 29, 2020

  • What will you do with an extra day?


    What will you do with the extra day we all get this Leap Year, on Saturday, February 29, 2020?

    Our idea - - take part in Leap of Kindness Day and do something kind for someone else.

    To help you participate, we reached out to local nonprofits and asked them for some ideas. While you can wait to deliver any items you might donate, we encourage everyone to start collection activities within your workplace or organization as soon as possible to maximize your participation and community impact.

    We are also inviting our members and other local organizations to share with us their own creative ideas for participating in Leap of Kindness Day this year.

  • Here's what our local nonprofits are requesting:

  • leapofkindnessday-logo.jpg
  • Please send an email to info@rowlettchamber.com or call the Rowlett Chamber at 972-475-3200 to let us know how people can help your nonprofit organization or what you plan to do as part of Leap of Kindness Day 2020.

    We will be adding more nonprofit requests as we receive them.

  • Here's what our members and readers are doing to help:

  • Below is a list of "acts of kindness" our members and readers are planning to do to join our Leap of Kindness Day celebration.

    Please share what you are doing with us on Facebook or send us an email at info@rowlettchamber.com. We will make every effort we can to thank and publicly acknowledge all of the acts of kindness taking place in Rowlett and beyond.

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