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  • Row-Opoly

    Click the image below for a larger version you can print!

    Game Rules

    Support small businesses AND win cash prizes!!!

    1. Complete a block by shopping at every business in the block. If there is a non-profit on the block, go there and donate. All shopping and donations must be completed on November 27th.
    2. Be sure to get a receipt at each business and non-profit! You will need to turn those in!
    3. Bring your receipts to the Rowlett Chamber and turn them in by 4:30pm. We will have forms for you to complete with your name and phone number.
    4. You will be entered in a drawing for each block you complete! Each block prize is $250!!!
    5. You can enter as many blocks as you want. Winners will receive $250 for each block they win. The total number of winners will be determined by the number of block sponsors.
    6. You also have a chance to win $100 by taking selfies at the locations on the Row-Opoly 4 corners! Once you complete all 4 corner locations, share them on social media with the hashtag #Rowopoly and email us at info@rowlettchamber.com to let us know. That gets you entered in the 4 corners drawing for $100! 
    7. We will draw for winners after the Sunset Santa 5K race awards are presented.


    All shopping and donations must be completed on November 27th.

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