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The Rowlett Area Chamber & Visitors Center is a non-profit membership organization originally established in 1924 as the source of business leadership in Rowlett, Texas. Rowlett, at the time, was evolving from a small agricultural town into the fast growing city it is today. Over the last 90+ years, the city's look and business focus has drastically changed.

The Chamber serves as a fundamental part of this community with numerous programs designed to enhance the general welfare and prosperity of Rowlett and its citizens by promoting steady and balanced economic well-being within our community. Serving as the voice of the business community, the Chamber works to accomplish what no individual or single business can do alone.

The strength of the organization lies in its membership, which serves as a resource of ideas, manpower and talents from which our community can draw. The membership includes everyone from large corporations to one-person operations, from industrial-driven manufacturers to the service and professional sectors. Understanding that the interests and needs of the Chamber members are diverse, the Chamber strives to plan programs and benefits that will meet the needs of all members.


  • Connections to business prospects, networking opportunities, and relationships in a friendly, referral-based environment.
  • Access to business resources, information, and training to support the growth and professional development of you and your employees.


  • Advocacy representation with elected officials, policy makers, and business leaders on local, regional, state, and federal platforms.
  • Influence over issues that directly impact your business.
  • Collaborations of business and community leaders to identify and solve challenges.


  • Inspire smart planning decisions for long-term community sustainability.
  • Identify strategic partnerships to benefit business retention and growth, workforce development, charitable giving, and leadership development.
  • Represent a vibrant community by responding to visitor needs and providing assistance through the Rowlett Visitor Center.
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