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Workforce & Talent Development

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Rowlett Works

This world-class workforce & talent development program ensures a top-notch workforce for years to come and serves the business community by determining and meetings its workforce needs. We currently offer small business grants for exterior building enhancements, scholarship program for high school seniors, leadership training, and workforce & talent development.

Rowlett Students Work

Rowlett Students Work is a Work Ready Credential Program for high school seniors from 8 area high schools. Each participant receives a certificate of employability after completing 10 hours of workshop focused on work ethic training, interview tactics, career exploration, and critical thinking. This credentialing program will pave the way for career success by giving them transferrable knowledge and skills they can actively demonstrate in the workplace. Each session will be led by a small business owner or leader in the business community in partnership with a Rowlett Student Works representative. Students who complete the program become eligible to interview for summer internships and will receive a stipend to be used for professional clothing.


Overall, the Rowlett Student Works program aims to empower high school seniors, bridge the gap between education and the workforce, and meet the needs of the community by fostering a skilled, prepared, and motivated future workforce.

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